e-Docs.Ua Web-portal privacy policy

1. General provisions

1.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the procedure for web-site (hereinafter referred to as -Web-portal) users, visitors and interested persons (hereinafter collectively referred to as – Users), namely their personal data receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing.

1.2. The Users personal data, while information and documents registration, publication, receiving and communication, and while using the Web-portal for services ordering, shall be acquired by the Web-portal owner – E-DOKS LLC (identification code 40448024, hereinafter referred to as – Company).

1.3. The User, clicking the button “Order” on the Web-portal/sending e-mail and/or calling to the Web-portal Support service, confirms he/she has read and understood the Privacy policy, and completely agrees with its provisions.

1.4. The User is prohibited to employ the Web-portal if he/she disagrees with the Privacy policy provisions.

1.5. The User expressly agrees with the Privacy policy provisions and allows the Company to collect, register, accumulate, store, adapt, alter, renew, use and disseminate (spread, implement, communicate), anonymize, eliminate the User personal data, in particularly, by applying information (automatic) systems under the provisions of this Privacy policy with the Company being obliged to ensure confidentiality and security while the personal data processing.

1.6. The User shall be fully liable for his/her actions, conducting while Web-portal visiting, as well as for the other persons actions, conducted on his/her behalf and using his/her personal identification data.

1.7. The User admits that, in case of his/her habitual negligence of personal data and authorization data security and protection, the third persons may gain unauthorized access to the User account, personal and other data. The Company shall not be liable for the damages caused by unauthorized access.

1.8. The User familiarization with these Guidelines while the Web-portal visiting and using shall be suffice for his/her personal data inclusion into “Customers” database.

1.9. The User shall be liable for the information content, being published on the Web-portal. The Company shall be entitled to monitor information, published by the User, and notify the User, having published the information of inappropriate content, of such cases.

1.10. The Company shall be entitled to use the User personal data for new and special offers e-mailing, orders placing and service rendering.

2. Types of information and personal data that may be collected on the Web-portal

2.1. The User name, surname, patronymic name, his/her contact information (telephone, e-mail address, location (geolocation), IP-address, account data (login and password to the Personal account), name of organization, where the User acts as the authorized person, its contact details and information);

2.2. Cookies files for determining the User browser and providing the required services, such as data storage in the bucket between the Web-portal visits;

2.3. The data on the User publishing of harmful and offensive information on the Web-portal;

2.4. All the information is collected “as-is” and shall not be altered by the Company while the data collecting process.

3. The purpose of Users information and personal data use

3.1. The User information, including personal data, are used by the Company solely for the purpose of establishing the civil law, tax relations as well as relations in the field of accounting, fulfilment of

contractual obligations related to services rendering, for the User identification, for the purpose of services rendering, payments processing, information sending by the post or email, settlement transactions, reporting, bookkeeping and management accounting, improving the rendered services quality, the Company marketing research, the User and third persons rights and legal interests protection under the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.2. The User name, surname, patronymic name, e-mail address, Web-portal password, account data (login and password to the Personal account) may be used for the User identification in order for his/her provision with services on the Web-portal (including his/her access to the Web-portal).

3.3. The User contact information may be used for e-mailing, for example: Web-portal news, promotional events and special offers announcements. The user may cancel e-mailing by written message or in the relevant section of Personal account.

3.4. The User name, surname, patronymic name, the User details, contact telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, the location address of the User or Company, he/she being authorized to represent that may be used for maintaining correspondence concerning the Web-portal use and Services rendering.

4. Grounds and conditions for the Users information and personal data disclosure

4.1. The Company shall not communicate the Users personal data to the third persons, except as otherwise provided below.

4.2. The Company ensures the Users information and personal data protection against unauthorized access. Protection shall be provided by impossibility of information leakage, elimination, blocking, and violation of information integrity and access mode.

4.3. Personal data disclosure without the consent of the User or of his authorized person shall be permitted in cases required by the law and in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights, particularly as may be reasonably requested by public authorities entitled to request and receive these data.

4.4. Personal data disclosure, including their communication to the third persons, is possible and shall be conducted solely upon the User consent. The User may give consent, submitting written request to the Company.

4.5. The Personal data disclosure, including its communication to the third person without the User written consent, is possible only in exceptional cases, expressly provided by the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

5. The Users information alteration and/or deletion procedure

5.1. The Users, at any specific time, are entitled to alter/delete personal information or cancel mailing by applying Personal account settings. The User services, rendered by means of the Web-portal, may be suspended immediately upon the User information alteration/deletion.

5.2. The letter (information), sent to the e-mail address, specified by the User while registration on the Web-portal shall be suffice for his/her personal data deletion or processing.

6. Changes in the Privacy policy

6.1. The Company shall be entitled to change the Privacy policy provisions, amending information on the Web-portal page:

6.2. The Users are obliged to review those provisions on a regular basis in order to be duly informed about the Company methods for Users information protection on the Web-portal.

6.3. The Company shall not be liable for damage or losses, incurred by the User or third persons as a consequence of this Privacy policy provisions, related to data placement procedure and other technical issues, misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

7. Miscellaneous provisions

7.1. If any Privacy policy provision, including any offer, paragraph or their part, is found to be contrary to the law or invalid, the other provisions, which are in no contradiction with the law, remain in force and valid, and any invalid provision or the provision, impossible to be performed, is deemed to be altered, amended to the extent, necessary for ensuring its validity and implementation.

7.2. The User shall have the rights prescribed by the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection”.

7.3. The Privacy policy shall be applicable to the User from the moment when he/she has read and understood its provisions on the Web-portal pursuant to paragraph 1.3 of this Privacy policy.

8. The Company contact details

8.1. Should You have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please feel free to contact us at the address:

04119, Kyiv, Dehtiarivska Str., build. 21A

E-DOKS LLC e-mail:

8.2. Contact telephone number: