E-DOCS. Modern web-oriented space for electronic paper circulation and business processes automation

  • E-DOCS – it’s a modern, reliable and convenient system for electronic paper circulation and business processes automation.
  • Basic system functionality, ready-to-go applied solutions and our team unique experience will give you an effect from transition to electronic office in the matter of weeks.
  • One-of-a-kind architecture of our system is based on most modern technical solutions from Microsoft – virtually limitless potential that is available for your business needs.

Advantages and key features

Convenience and simplicity enjoyed by the customers

Using the system is no harder than using e-mail tools or social networks. The interface is adapted for working on devices of any kind – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Platform for your business` growing needs

Choose the most optimal way of deploying the system (in the “cloud” or on your own servers), optimize total cost of owning the system with unique E-DOCS architecture and flexible price policy.

The might of the modern platform

Power of Microsoft and OpenText, extended by versatile and functional tools for adapting and customization.

“Ready-to-go” electronic office

Automate the full lifecycle of electronic paper management with basic functionality almost “out of the box”. Use ready-made applied solutions for a quick start.

Functionality for tasks of any kind

Flexible and functional tools for adapting and customization, supported integration with your IT systems, power of Microsoft technologies – use almost unlimited abilities for all sorts of tasks in your business paper management.

Professional support

We provide a full range of services for paper circulation optimization, system integration and support during term of service.

We adjust, simplify and set standards in field of business communication.

We help companies all around the world:

  • to set all processes where documents appear and put them immediately into order (no additional digitizing and classification needed);
  • to put already existing documents to order (classification and digitizing);
  • to unify look and style for documents (including local legislation);
  • to reduce costs and increase efficiency of official correspondence with external contractors.

e-Docs – is a tool for international business correspondence.
Everything that has been put through e-Docs is valid in all international courts.
e-Docs – is a counterpart for standard e-mailing for official business correspondence.
e-Docs open part – is a secured standardized message (documents) exchange protocol.

  • Team — proactive, persistent and decided professionals devoted to its work and consolidated by a common goal: get the job done.
  • Quality – we create and implement elegant in its design, easy to use, reliable and secured corporate software!
  • Development environment — establish a “safe to fail” culture, cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit, build up a cognitive flexibility; as a result of that – gaining an expertise and authority in professional community opinion.
  • Innovation — set up a non-standard thinking which makes miracles
  • Transparency — honesty and openness in relationships both inside the company and in external actions
  • Customer focus — focusing on Customer`s success supported by user-friendly multiprogramming digital environment.


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