Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Affiliate program – is a collaboration with E-Docs to reach potential customers.E-Docs expands the affiliate network outside Ukraine. We are open to cooperation with companies that have a great experience insoftware sales and service area, automation of business production processes, consultants in the area of optimization of business processes etc.If you have an experience with such target audiences as IT consultants, company managers, financiers, lawyers or have consulted on company processes optimization. Please join agent network E-Docs!

Affiliate implement within the project:

  • Installation of important business contacts between users and E-Docs representative.
  • Search for new potential users.
  • Marketing support of the E-Docs system.

Requirements for the partner:

  • Legal entity or private entrepreneur that possess the necessary qualifications to work with potential customers.
  • E-Docs Affiliate is obliged to have high level knowledges about E-Docs system and its functional possibilities.
  • E-Docs Affiliate is obliged to know the content of instructions for users in the system.

Affiliate practical benefit from cooperation with the E-Docs:

  • Income increasedue to the sale of E-Docs services.
  • Transparent calculation of affiliate commissions.
  • Methodological support for the successful work with the users.
  • Necessary marketing materials.
  • Conducting seminars and training to Affiliate providing relevant certificates
  • Free education of tools and sale mechanism of E-Docs services.
  • Support to Affiliate users.
Mechanism of work of the affiliate program:

Collaboration within the sale of E-Docs services consists of:

  1. Affiliate education of the E-Docs work tools.
  2. E-Docs services sale
  3. Joint marketing activities.

1. Affiliate education due to the E-Docs work nuances.

E-Docs responsible specialists carry out one-stage training of the system and sale technique for unlimited number of Affiliate managers. The process of training includes:

  • Familiarity with the E-Docs solutions.
  • Training within the system as a test user.
  • Training practical scenarios of the sale.
  • Re-knowing test.
  • Certification.

2. E-Docs services sale.

After certification a special E-Docs manager supports Affiliate.

  • Affiliate notifies the special manager about new user connection.
  • According to the results of the reporting period calculations are made.
E-Docs may refuse the Affiliate agreement if agreement with another Affiliate has already fixed or the client is an active user of the system.
Affiliate collaboration with E-Docs
Sale scenarios:

1. Affiliate – project initiator (doesn’t sale actively)

  • Information gathering, identifying customer needs in the product, etc.
  • Providing recommendations about E-Docs to the potential customers managers.
  • Affiliate arranges 3-side meeting where the status of the project will be discussed.
Project type “Silver” (number of licenses to 100) “Gold” (numberof licenses from 100 to 300) “Platinum” (number of licenses more than 300)
Subscription (SAAS) 6months/year 5% 6% 7%
Licenses purchase 5% 6% 7%
Implementation 5% 6% 7%

2. Affiliate – project manager (manage sales along with us)

  • Affiliate arranges 3-side meeting.
  • Active participation in project sale (communicate and present the project, transmit feedback from the client etc.)
  • E-Docs team leads joint coordination of activities and decisions.
Project type “Silver” (number of licenses to 100) “Gold” (numberof licenses from 100 to 300) “Platinum” (number of licenses more than 300)
Subscription (SAAS)6months/year 10% 13% 15%
Licenses purchase 10% 13% 15%
Implementation 10% 13% 15%

3. Affiliate sales “turnkey”

  • Self-presentation, sale.
  • Implementation of the project.
  • Project support in the future.
Project type “Silver” (number of licenses to 100) “Gold” (numberof licenses from 100 to 300) “Platinum” (number of licenses more than 300)
Subscription (SAAS)6months/year 18% 19% 20%
Licenses purchase 18% 19% 20%
Implementation 100% 100% 100%

If there is an individual need to make an extra 10% discount and the Affiliate can’t avoid it than the commission rate maybe reduced to 1% from the size of the discount.